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Marie Antoniette

As virtual period, Julia, our history teacher told us to answer these questions based on the movie Marie Antoniette. 1)Marie Antoinette is sometimes referred to as “The Teenage Queen”. What attitudes in the movie can show that? 2)After her first … Continue reading

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Napoleon’s policies

Julia, our history teacher gave us some questions to answer about Napoleon and his domestic and foreign policies. This are the questions and my answers: 1)Why was napoleon able to rise to power by 1799? 2)What does Napoleon’s rise to … Continue reading

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Verse Written on her Deathbed

As a virtual period our literature teacher, Pato, told us to look for a song with a similar message or meaning as the poem “Verse Written on her Deathbed”. The song I chose is “supermarket flowers” by ed sheeran. This … Continue reading

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