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Lenny, our history teacher, told us to write an essay in pairs, I worked with Juan Cruz, about different topics. Our topic was the appeasement and the question was: ‘Appeasement was not justifiable’. How far do you agree with this statement? Explain.

In the following essay we will analyse if appeasement was justifiable.

On the one hand, appeasement helped Britain to gain time. Britain and France thought that  Germany was a buffer against communism. They knew that USA would not support them if they stand up to Hitler. Many felt that the treaty was unfair with Germany. Also Britain and France did not want so many casualties as in the WW1, the British government though that the armed forces were not prepared for war, and also they were still suffering the effects of the depression. And it was not at all certain that British empire commonwealth states would support a war against Germany.

On the other hand, appeasement was a failure. They gave a lot of power to Hitler, they gave Czechoslovakia, Austria, the Rhineland and they let him re arm himself with the purpose of Germany being a buffer against communism, however he did a pact with USSR (Nazi soviet pact) and betrayed Britain. They encouraged Hitler to take bigger risks as in the Rhineland where he said that if France would had stopped him, he would back of. And appeasement was based on the mistaken idea Hitler was trustworthy.

To conclude the policy appeasement was not justifiable because finally the positive facts finished being negative mostly.

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One Response to Appeasement essay

  1. Lenny says:

    Hi Boys,

    Here’s some feedback on your essay:

    They knew that USA would not support them if they stand (STOOD) up to Hitler. Conditional use!

    They gave a lot of power to Hitler. There’s no clear reference for “they”.

    if France would had stopped (HAD STOPPED) him, he would back (HAVE BACKED OFF) of. Conditional use again!!

    Overall you presented relevant ideas. I found the conclusion weak, as if you wanted to close your essay in a hurry. A weak conclusion does little justice to what you analkysed previously!

    7.5 (Seven fifty)

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