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El dia del libro

Lenny, nuestra profesora de History, nos dijo que elijamos un ejercicio para hacer y luego lo publiquemos en nuestro blog. Yo elegí hablar sobre un libro que haya leído y me haya gustado. El libro del que voy a hablar … Continue reading

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Poem: Stabat Mater

Our literature teacher, Pato, told us to read a poem and after that complete a chart. I worked with Juan Stordeur and Gaston Posse. Context: The author of this poem, Sam Hunt, has always wrote his poems in an autobiographical … Continue reading

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The Outbreak of the Cold War

Lenny, our history teacher, divided us in groups of three and told us to watch a presentation, and watch a video. Then she told us to answer some questions, I worked with Male Millan and  Feli Donato. Who could have … Continue reading

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El microscopio, video de Horizontes Ciencias Naturales

Susy nuestra profesora de FQ nos pidió que veamos un video y respondamos una preguntas. Definan “poder de resolución”. Indiquen la diferencia entre microscopio óptico y microscopio electrónico. Expliquen como se calcula el aumento completo. Mencionen tres ciencias que utilizan … Continue reading

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Movement of cells

Male, our biology teacher, told us to read a page and make a chart in groups, I worked with Vicky and Euge. 2) osmosis diffusion Active transport type of molecules water ions, gases, other molecules ions and molecules concentration gradient … Continue reading

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Appeasement essay

Lenny, our history teacher, told us to write an essay in pairs, I worked with Juan Cruz, about different topics. Our topic was the appeasement and the question was: ‘Appeasement was not justifiable’. How far do you agree with this statement? … Continue reading

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